Long Haired Rottweiler

Getting to Know the Long-Haired Rottweiler

For those who have heard about a long haired Rottweiler and wish to know if there really are Rotts with longer than normal hair; yes, there are. These lovely creatures are actually not as rare as some people think them to be. They are Rottweilers and their features, traits, characterizations and personalities are the same as short haired ones. In spite of this, they are not allowed in the show ring, according to the AKC, because their hair does not meet the standard of the breed. The following are facts and tidbits about the Rottweiler in general and some information that you might be interested in about the long-haired variety.long haired rotty


Originally, these dogs were bred to be guard dogs and protectors, pretty much like German Shepherds and Dobermans. Due to their heavier physique, they appear more threatening than other dogs of their class. This is actually quite far from how wonderful these dogs really are. They are gentle giants that are protective of their family members and can be trusted to be patient with children. The long haired Rottweiler and rough coated variety are not so common but definitely not rare. They share the same temperament with their short haired siblings. It should be pointed out, though, that all dogs will eventually run our of patience when continually tormented and hurt. It is always a good idea to teach kids, not just dogs, about how to respect and treat their pets. Socializing the dog properly and training it with basic commands should yield a well behaved and obedient dog that you can trust and be proud of.

New dog owners might hesitate to acquire a Rott because of safety concerns but experts have found that the temperament of the dog is usually dependent on how the owner treats it and less connected to the temperament of its parents. Rotts have an reputation of being vicious and this is unfair to the breed and the animal because the dogs are usually molded by the owners themselves. Some owners like to cultivate the vicious reputation because they believe that it will discourage robbers from entering their property while others like believe that having a vicious dog makes them tough. Some families with small or young children have concerns regarding the safety of babies and smaller kids with larger dogs. Experts recommend obedience training for whatever breed of dog you have as well as supervising the time that kids and dogs spend together. Experts do not recommend leaving babies with any breed of dog alone for whatever reason.

Where to Get One?

Some litters produce a rough haired or long haired variety randomly while others may need to have either one long haired parent or both. The point of the matter is that a demand for the long or rough coated variety might encourage puppy mills which breed dogs randomly just to meet the demand. Responsible and professional breeders often decline to part with their rough or long coated dogs because they believe that they might be used to create these puppy mills. For others, the long or rough coat is seen as an anomaly and the puppy may be euthanized to preserve the breed. This practice is a shame! If you really want a long haired Rottweiler, you might try to approach a professional breeder and try to convince him that your intentions are not for commercial puppy production but just to have one as a member of the family. Some breeders may be relieved to hear of someone who is willing to take care of the random long haired puppy that has appeared in their litter.

A great alternative to getting a puppy from a breeder is to look for one in shelters and pounds. You would be surprised at the number of dogs and other pets that are given up by their owners when they find some difficulty taking care of these animals. Just because there is a demand for them does not mean that some owners do not give up on them when they are too big for their household or when they cannot take care of them properly anymore. Reasons for giving up dogs and other pets range from the cute puppy becoming too big for the apartment, the new owner not expecting how difficult it is to take care of a growing dog or not having enough time to care for a dog. Going to shelters to look for a new member of your family is a great way to discourage puppy mills and to save dogs from being put down just because they are not wanted by their first home.

Health Concerns

While the coat of the long haired Rottweiler sets it apart from the short haired variety, the breed is generally healthy and the same generalization can be applied to the rough coated and the long haired ones. Any big dog breed can have issues with their joints and have a propensity for bloat but these are not solely found nor restricted to Rottweilers. The bulky nature of the dog’s physique might also makes it prone to overheating in warm countries and a bowl of cool water should be readily available during or after particularly long walks in warm weather.

Their longer coats may make them more prone to fleas and ticks being more difficult to find for manual removal but this practice is not done anymore. Sometimes, the long haired variety may also pick up more debris and dirt after a walk outdoors. It is advisable to check the long haired dog thoroughly for twigs and other debris from a walk. Walks are essential for big dogs because they are usually cooped up in the house when there is nobody around to take them for a walk. This means they have some pent up energy to shed. Dogs also love to take walks and explore their surroundings so a walk once or twice a day will do wonders for curiosity and temperament. Their smooth coated counterparts are also easier to dry and bathe because the water just slides off. Toweling dry is also less of a chore for smooth coated Rotts compared to long haired or rough coated individuals. Aside from this, both kinds usually love the water and are willing to bathe.

Should You Get One?long haired rotty puppy

If you are particularly partial to the appearance of the long haired Rottweiler, and have the capacity to care for one, by all means get one. These dogs are sweet and gentle and will make a great addition to your family. Their loyalty is remarkable and they love interacting with humans. They do require a daily walk or some form of exercise for their well being and to discourage naughty behavior. Overall, long haired ones are pretty much the same with the normal haired variety.

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